Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One more sleep ...

Only one more sleep until the first official meeting of Permaculture Melbourne Inner North. I'm excited and have done most things to get ready:
  • emailed workmates and friends
  • emailed Permablitz members
  • popped a notice up on the Permaculture Research Institute's forum
  • letter-dropped my street and a few other houses on my way to work (with a little personal note to those who were growing fruit or vegetables)
  • stuck up a flyer at a couple of local Brunswick East shops (Organic Wholefoods and Each Peach cafe which I happily stumbled upon and serves organic, Fair Trade coffee: tick, tick)
  • posted the flyer on my white, picket fence
So imagine my excitement when I saw that three little tear-off slips had been taken from the flyer! Ooh, goody! Plus others have emailed me saying they or their friends would be interested.

So now all I need to do is look up Metlink, my friend, and ask them how I get to Preston Library, 266 Gower St, Preston by 6:30pm tomorrow night (Wednesday 31 March).

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