Sunday, July 14, 2013

Declutter for Spring

I seem to have collected a lot of "stuff" over time. So I'm setting myself a challenge: get rid of 10 things each week until Spring (1 September in Australia).  Ten items per week for seven weeks means being free of 70 items that are cluttering my life. I don't even think it will be hard! Anyone want to join my decluttering challenge?
Decluttering Week 1: videos and a vase
I piled up a lot of items months ago, but they continue to sit in my room. So a challenge is needed.
Week 1 I have begun by getting rid of more than 10 things. Includes ten videos and three floppy disks. Beautiful Vietnamese photo albums I've never used, a vase I don't like and a Kenwood Chef attachment that was a unfortunate eBay purchase as it doesn't fit my Kenwood Chef!
All up, Week 1: 20 items.
My rules of decluttering: the items can be gifted, given away to friends/housemates or via Freecycle, sold, recycled or put in the rubbish.
My housemate took a large number of items in Week 1!